Name: synsera Myanamotu
Gender: Female
SL Birthdate: 04/10/2009

Tell us something about yourself? I breed KittyCats!! :D

Why do you want to be the next VERO MODERO Model? I want to be the next VERO MODERO Model because every model needs to start somewhere. I am currently finishing up my certification with MPI. I need to start gaining experience. This would be my first modeling job, if accepted. Aside from looking amazing, I am very outgoing and friendly. I enjoy being around other people and promoting the item that I've been hired for.

Styling facts (head to toe including jewelry):
Shape: R.icielli - Laura Model
Skin: LAQ - Claudia2 - 01 [Peach] Glow skin
Eyelashes: Lelutka - 2011 lashes/natur
Gown: VERO MODERO/Geo Gown Fushia
Shoes: N-core Obsession XtremeHeel II "Galaxy"
Nails: ::PM::Metallic White Chalk Nails
Necklace and earrings: Felicity Necklace in Snow White Pearls & Diamonds
Hair: |VA| Sweetest essence
Bracelet: Finesmith Ocollection Oxygen

Name: Rusalka Callisto
Gender: Female
SL Birthdate: 01/28/2006

Tell us something about yourself?
In Second Life I am a professional model, photographer & fashion blogger. I also co-own Rusalka Designs & Photography with my beautiful SL & RL partner Felsptuzer Lowtide.

Why do you want to be the next VERO MODERO Model?
Although I was familiar with the brand name, I had not personally visited VERO MODERO until I was given several pieces of casual wear from the line for review on my blog, After trying on the pieces, I immediately TP'd to the store and ended up loading up a shopping cart full of additional goodies. You could say I was hooked!

My goal as a Second Life model is to represent the best, most creative & unique designers in SL. Now that I have learned the joys of VERO MODERO, I definately count this brand high on that list. I would be honored and overjoyed to be a VERO MODERO girl!

Styling facts (head to toe including jewelry):
Gown: Vero Modero 'Cage' Gown in Gold
Body: Custom by Rusalka Designs
Skin: Glam Affair 'Jadis - Natural B - TDR #24"
Makeup: B[u]Y Me '10' eye makeup, White Widow 'Valentin Gold Face Tattoo', Mad 'Kiss me - orange' lipstick
Eyes: Umedama Holic 'Teddy Bear brown'
Hair: PurpleMoon Exa in Mahogany
Jewelry: PurpleMoon 'Ayame Necklace in Gold & Cedar', Alienbear 'Gold Silvester' earrings, YS&YS 'Gold Glow Bangles', PurpleMoon 'Metallic Copper Nails' & rings
Shoes: PurpleMoon 'Haru in Sienna' heels

Name: Vanessinha Vectoscope
Gender: Female
SL Birthdate: 6/9/2009

Tell us something about yourself? Well, I am honest and I hate lies. I am a hardworker, extremelly organized and I'm a very nice comunicator (I think! Hehe)
I completelly love Fashion and I have my own Fashion Blog (

Why do you want to be the next VERO MODERO Model? I really love VERO MODERO designs... It's a "more casual" brand which I appreciate too much!! The most of the brands in SL are only thinking in Formal designs. VERO MODERO, for me, makes the difference!!

Styling facts (head to toe including jewelry): Well, I love short hairs, but I use long ones too If it's necessary (I have a lot of them in my inventory) and I usually just use Blondes (I'm blonde in RL). I love to match all kind of colors in clothes, but I always have to look fashionable! Shoes, I love almost all kind of shoes... I love boots, I love sandals and I love high heels! Jewelry, I use all kind of Jewelry, depending of the clothes, of my spirit, If I am more Casual or more Formal... In my opinion, Jewelry gives the final touch to your look!!