Hint : Resting near the light 
Hunt object: Blue Butterfly (1L$)
Hunt Offial Blogs: MND6
Dates : June 21th- July 21th

Hint : U need to meet Nadia, she is waiting for u
Hunt object: Ice cream
Hunt Offial Blogs: EIS
Dates : June 15th- July 15th

Hint : Allways check our outlet to find great deals
Hunt object: Blue T-Shirt (1 L$)
Hunt Offial Blogs: Menstuff
Dates : June 1st- June 30th

Hint Female : I love boho style
Hint Male : Staris are so usefull
Hunt object: Doll (1 L$)
Hunt Offial Blogs: DU
Dates : May 25th- June 25th