Hint : I'm a November woman
Hunt object: Lollipop (1L$)
Hunt Offial Blogs: C&CH2

Dates : January 12th - January 31th

Hint : Nothing like fur to stay warm
Hunt object: Blue Star (1L$)
Hunt Offial Blogs: FSH2

Dates : January 8th - February 12th

* Only Caramel Colour

Hint : Women has a 6th sense
Hunt object: Ball or yarn (1L$)
Hunt Offial Blogs: BOYH

Dates : January 7th - January 31th

Hint : I love to see u in that corset
Hunt object: Red Xmas Tree (1L$)
Hunt Offial Blogs: FSVSH

Dates : December 10th - January 7nd