Hint: Live to Ride
Pista: Vivo para montar
Hunt object: Puzzle Pieze (1L$)
Hunt Offial Blogs: CSD
Dates : September 14 - November 7

Hint: I'm hiding behind the chest
Pista: Me escondo tras el cofre
Hunt object: Toy Train
Hunt Offial Blogs: OE
Dates : September 15 - October 15

To look for Rock Your Rack hunt prize u need go to our RYR Booth, no hint needed, hunt prize is 10L$ but remember is to support National Breast Cancer Foundation Sep 1 - Sep 15. 

Hint: Crowns shine like the stars
Pista: Las coronas brillan como estrellas
Hunt object: Crown
Hunt Offial Blogs: RH
Dates : September 1 - September 30

Hint: I love black black crows and u?
Pista: Me encantan los cuervos negros, y a ti?
Hunt object: Witch Hat
Dates : August 15 - September 15