In 2010 Vero Modero formed by Bouquet Babii to present high quality fashion products to fashion followers. It has been offering a wide range of sophisticated casual and formal clothes for a broad spectrum of men and women. At VERO MODERO you could find from basic to formal clothing but as well as couture and maternity clothes. But VERO MODERO was not all about clothing. VERO MODERO was for all your needs: makeup, accessories and even skins and shapes. 2014 will be a new begining for [VM] Vero Modero and changing the concept. [VM] Vero Modero Boutique will come for new experiences in SecondLife Fashion. Before [VM] Boutique opens we will do a clearence sale for all Vero Modero lovers, later on some of them will be only avaliable on marketplace and some will take place in Boutique concept. We are greatfull to be loved and followed by many people and excited to share our new project with you. Thank you for your support since 2010. See you in [VM] Boutique and do not miss our clearence sale! STARTS ON 22 MARCH