An amazing experience !

My sweet friend Marie Whitfield asked me for modelling to her new Skin ROXY!
Roxy release soon at Skin Fair 2015 ! Its amazing pure and soft skin. You will feel like a diva with this skin. Don't miss it !
I wear her Roxy make-up, eye liner and lips too.

And i finally meet with Skip Staheli!
Marie told me about the biggest problem after a photo session with him. Yes i m totaly agree with her, you gonna be addict! After seeing the photos you will definitely feel like diva!
Its so easy to work with him. He is so helpful; you just wait calmly and enjoy watching a master at work!

Thanks for this amazing experience Marie, Skip, Ymir !

Photographer: Skip Staheli
Model: Bouquet Babii (Vero Modero)
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New skin, release soon, at the Skin Fair 2015...

Skip Staheli:

Blush Skin: