Name: Blue Porchers
Gender: Female
SL Birthdate: September 11, 2009

Tell us something about yourself?
I am a Model, Model Instrutor, Clothes Designer, Store Owner, and COO of Fabulous Fashion Shopping Center.

I started as an in-store model for House of Xevion Lingerie Store on my second full day in Secondlife. I also did print modeling for her.
I was promoted to HOX Manager a couple months afterwards, and was in two fashion shows. I caught the bug and have been steadily improving my skills as a model ever since.
I have taken classes with MA Modeling Academy, Vivace Modeling Academy/Edge Avatar Academy of which I am certified.

Why do you want to be the next VERO MODERO Model?
I aspire to improve myself always and try new things. I love the clothing and the pictures of all the models. I would very much like to be a Vero Modero Model.

Styling facts (head to toe including jewelry):
Hair: LollipopZ Inspire in black
Jewelry: Isis by *ByKay*
Lashes and Mascara: Seduce by Avion
Lashes: Gypsy Nightingale - Collectors LE
Eyes: Bright 'Secret by LL
Lips: Passionate Red by Luscious Lips
Bracelet: Nightdance by $GaNKeD$
Shoes: Hollywood Pumps by Bliss Couture
Gown: Cage in Blue by Vero Modero

Name: Aphrodite Brianna
Gender: Female
SL Birthdate: 1st October 2009

Tell us something about yourself? I am a hard working, loyal and conscientious person. I thoroughly enjoy working as a model on SL but I also realise that this is not 'just a game' and that we are dealing with real life businesses. For this reason I behave with the same dedication I would do in my real life, and treat people with the same respect I would afford them if I were meeting them face to face. I have a passionate interest in fashion in real and SL, and as well as modelling on SL, I write for Maniera magazine . I have also worked as runway co-ordinator for the Essence of Ebony contest 2011 and will be doing so again for the 2012 Contest.

Why do you want to be the next VERO MODERO Model?
I am looking to develop my modeling career by seeking out positions with quality designers and top class agencies. I regard Vero Modero as one of the top quality clothing designers in SL and would be proud to represent the brand. I believe I could work well as part of the Ver Modero team and be a positive ambassador.

Styling facts (head to toe including jewelry):
Outfit: Vero Modero Dishi
Skin: Illusory skin Paige Light Winter A3 (Light Brows)
Make-up: Atomic Victim Make-up in Telephone
Hair: Plume Elegance in Platinum
Manicure: [PXL] Red #1
Eyes: Glam Affair Stella Eyes no 1
Boots: Bax Cohen Ankle Boots in Red
Gloves: Miamai Jen Red
Earrings: Fusion Winged
Necklace: Fusion Winged

Name: LuLu Coba ( screen name LuLu Foulsbane )
Gender: Female
SL Birthdate: 23rd November 2008

Tell us something about yourself? I have been a model in SL since January 2010 and in this time grown from strength to strength and always pushing myself to improve and grow. As well as modelling I have and still teach modelling and also work as a print and store model.
In my spare time I enjoy shopping, which girl doesnt *giggles*, and spending time with my family and friends.
I enjoy more than nothing exploring the wonders of SL with my SL husband Lars Foulsbane.

Why do you want to be the next VERO MODERO Model? For me to be able to represent a brand is a great honour and a wonderful experience not only for self confidence and achievement but to meet people and make new friends. I find that I like to push myself with new challenges and goals to achieve because to me its important to always be improving and working hard to do so.
Styling facts (head to toe including jewelry):
Shape :- Models Own
Skin :- Glam Affair - Jardis - Dama
Hair :- !!L+N!! Gala Hair
Eyes :- MADesigns - Soul Grey
Eyelashes :- Miamai tattoo layer lashes - 012
Jewellery :- FineSmith Designs - Celestial Necklace
Outfit :- Vero Modero - Cage Gown Black
Shoes :- Fri. Basic Pumps - Black

Name: Locuala Madruga
Gender: Female
SL Birthdate: 10/29/2009

Tell us something about yourself?
I love fashion. I am a professional model and trainer in Events Elite Academy models.
Currently working on several SL modeling agencies and have been selected for the finals of MVW latino.
I'm passionate about styling mix and match colors and shapes.

Why do you want to be the next VERO MODERO Model?
I think it would be a major review my resume and a great experience

Styling facts (head to toe including jewelry):
- Alessandria Shoes by Larisa Tylman
- Vero Modero/Chic Jean
- Vero Modero / Chic Top Plaid
-[CheerNo] Anka Suitcase (05)
-Indy&Co.-Marina Tote:Chinese Laquer Red
-Ring "Diamonds party" platinum resizer+blings v3
-ZC: Melange Earring-red by Zaara
-Vanity hair::Pin Up HP Browns