[VM] VERO MODERO blogger call

VERO MODERO is looking for a male and female bloggers who are interested in blogging our newly releases and be able to style the outfits. VERO MODERO offers a wide range of sophisticated casual and formal clothes for a broad spectrum of men and women, ranging from basic to styling pieces and skin designs. Requirements: * To take great pictures with great quality; * MUST have been blogging for over 3 months with at least two posts per week or have 30 blog posts. * MUST be syndicated to the fashion feeds such as Iheartsl, Fashion Feeds of SL, Chic Critique, Shopaholic Feed, etc. * Style the outfit/accessory with the focus of the said item; * Do not modify the item itself (it must remain as it was created -- that is how the item will be received by the purchaser); * Should publish a good taste, high resolution photographs and accurate information.

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